The Teachings of the Corn

A healing program, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that incorporates our relationship to nature, the four elements, and the four seasons, ourselves, and others. Facilitating the healing process through emotional release, and interactive exercises.

Providing the tools that will aid you to obtain a clearer relationship with your inner self, free of depressions, dependencies, co-dependencies, problems and frustrations. 

Daily practices that will help to improve & integrate one’s physical, mental, sexual, emotional and spiritual health. 

The best relationship we can have is with ourselves.

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About Edwin Lemus

Edwin Lemus is a native of Guatemala. He has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Guatemala studying human nature. As a child he heard stories from native healers and elders, and was taught to implement the old ways.  He continues to use these tools and training in his healing practice for over 30 years he has been a dedicated self-improvement & emotional release facilitator and mentor.

Edwin conducts Inner Child & Self Improvement workshops in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico where his reputation as a facilitator of healing is well renowned. 

As an activist, human rights advocate, and healer he has taken his out-reach work into prisons and into the streets throughout Mexico, California and New Mexico with his programs. Assisting the homeless, runaways, and individuals  from the Latino un-documented labor force.

He works with runaways, and individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) especially with war veteran’s from the United States, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala, including police officers and para-military groups from the war in Guatemala.

Edwin counsels, both male and female adults, young adults, teenagers, children and communities of all ethnicities. He facilitates Rites of Passage ceremonies for anyone interested or needing this service. He has brought his work into  middle schools, high schools and colleges & universities, as well as Native American reservations. He offers mentorship programs and emotional release and self improvement programs.

He  conducts community ceremonies in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in Los Angeles including the Topanga Earth Day ceremonies for the past 15 years. Edwin has also facilitated ceremonies and rites of passage for the Minnesota Men’s Conference.

Edwin’s beliefs & practices in the Native American and Maya traditions, along with his extensive work with the “fire” has led him to facilitate rites of passage ceremonies and vision quests. In addition to his workshops, he conducts private sessions for individuals of all ages.